The Vision

Using coaching to develop emotional maturity, to positively transform humanity one person at a time, to reach their highest potential.

As Transformational Leaders let us use our roles to make coaching a choice career, supported by educational institutions, policy makers as well as  behavioural and people development specialists. 

Our vision is to open coaching academies, where students from the age of 14 will enroll and graduate with fully recognized diplomas, reinforced by further education degrees related to sciences of the mind. To make it a reality we need to come together as a collaborative unit across continents and industries.

Ultimately, the objective is to create tomorrows transformational leadership coaches who will become the worlds change makers.

The Concept

The aim of Embracing Change is to bring together experts and specialists within their fields, to develop integrated transformation solutions through pilot incubators, before expanding these solutions to a broader application of approved Transformational Leadership programmes. The concept itself was devised 10 years ago and sat within the dusty covers of a notebook until the elements allowing for its birth matured enough for realisation to take place.

Embracing Change proposes an innovative approach to design coaching solutions, fusing technology, neuroscience and practical applications for emotional development for self-leadership. As a transformational vehicle, Embracing Change also aims to bridge cultural gaps between academia and the work place by focusing coaching solutions on the people aspects of change and transformation. 

Transformational Leadership

We offer Business, Executive, Leadership coaching and facilitation. Pricing is dependent on the number of people and duration. 

Our selected coaching partners and people development facilitators are professional behaviour specialists. Psychometrics such as  Lumina or Neurozone are used to support and measure development progress. 

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Business Opportunities

We know we cannot do this alone and seek to strengthen our offerings by partnering with community and local businesses.

Become an Embracing Change partner in developing tailor made transformational leadership solutions. We are looking for coaching partners specialising in EQ and behavioural development. We are also looking for partners to support entrepreneurial skills development for SMME's and small businesses. 

We wish to engage Transformational Leadership Forums with policy makers, curriculum developers, faculty principles and key influencers in the world of coaching to align our goals t4 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, to ensure that we reach our objectives.

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Pilot Programs

Youth leaders, school principals, municipalities and young volunteers contact us to find out more about our pilot programs. We are looking for young volunteer participants between the ages of 14 and 24 in Johannesburg and Cape Town to participate in our pilot programs. You will gain the advantage of testing coaching tools designed specifically for EQ development and behaviourial change, whilst we adapt products to the general public and youth.

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Partners, Funders & Investors

To adapt the tools to our target audience, we require funding. Become a part of our development team or provide support by giving us innovative ways for a small start up to self fund our pilot interventions.

We are seeking to work with communities, behavioural scientists and neuroscientists, to develop transformational leaders in a structured, measured and sustainable manner.

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