About Embracing Change

What is Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership is the ability to use EQ and SQ to create innovative integrated solutions in collaboration with others, in order to implement and drive sustainable change impacting organisations, communities and institutions in the long term

Embracing change focuses essentially on coaching for self leadership transformation through the development of emotional maturity and people change skills, to empower you to make those personal changes that are essential but often neglected in the traditional outcomes based approach to executive coaching and leadership development programmes.

Who's it For?

The world is changing and the way we engaging has already changed dramatically over the past 5 years. 

Maybe you have unique skills and service offerings that are just waiting to be shared with the world, but are unsure just how to get them to market? You don't think you have the confidence, the drive or the leadership skills to get on your soapbox to sell it? Transformational Coaching will provide the emotional maturity and eliminate inhibiting beliefs to move you forward.

Perhaps you are in the middle of organisational redesign and have the strategic, engineering or technical skills and would like to also reinforce your emotional maturity to lead your teams through the transformational change processes? Transformational Coaching is ideal for both you and your team.

You could be transitioning from employee to employer; a millennial starting up your business or a young graduate perhaps battling with communicating your brilliant and transformative ideas to the world? Transformational Coaching will provide empowering communication skills and insights into reading your stakeholders in order to bridge the gaps created from diversity.

Why Embracing Change

Change is the only constant, it's not going away so let's embrace it.

The journey begins with the individual, who  is then enabled to access tools to deliver clear, concise and precise communications, whilst developing resilience, flexibility and the power to influence positive change.

You will receive a personal profile after completing your online assessment, which will serve as the base for your coaching plan and which will be used to measure your EQ development progress.

Transformational Coaching is available for corporate clients and includes individual and team interventions, with executive dashboards to measure progress and ROI.

Coaching is provided by professional personal and executive coaches, specializing in driving the people side of change. 

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